Day: October 5, 2018

Egyptian Author Tarek Heggy: Our Society’s Problems Are Measured by How We Treat Women and Religious Minorities

By MEMRI- During a September 6 interview on Egypt’s Sada Al-Balad TV network, Egyptian author Tarek Heggy said that women and religious “others,” like Christian Egyptians, are the “thermometers” by which the progress of Egyptian society is gauged. He said that society is moving forward when they have equal rights, and that they should be treated equally because the Egyptian constitution says so, rather than out of pity. Heggy criticized the attacks against Christians in the Al-Minya Governorate, as well as the slow pace at which reforms regarding Christian Egyptians are taking place because of opposition from “people within the system.” Following are excerpts: Tarek Heggy: I believe that in societies like ours, two things serve as a thermometer, which

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