Violence against Copts: Ten Defining Aspects

By Magdi Khalil –  Violence against Copts in Egypt is a serious phenomenon expressed through an extended series of barbaric attacks on a peaceful minority. The beginning of this phenomenon in modern times dates back to the seventies of last century, when al-Khanka Church in Cairo was burned down on November 6, 1972. Since then, there have been hundreds of incidents of mass violence against peaceful Copts in Egypt, yet some of those were of particular significance, and can be seen as landmarks on that brutal road. The following incidents qualify as such: al-Zawiya al-Hamraa incident in June 1981, where 81 Copts in Cairo lost their lives and hundreds were injured under the watchful eyes of the Egyptian Intelligence Service

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From Egypt: A list of recently reported assaults on Coptic Christians

By Dr. Ashraf Ramelah – Canada Free Press –  On August 22, in the village of Al Zenika located in the Province of Luxor (Upper Egypt), Islamists demanded the stoppage of prayer in the church of the Virgin Mary. To satisfy the Islamists, the church doors were bolted shut after police evacuated the parishioners. Furthermore, five Copts were arrested. On August 24, in the village of Ezbet el Sultan in Al Minya province (Upper Egypt), a group of Islamists stood next to the village church screaming “we do not want a church here,” protesting Copts praying and demanding the Church be shut down. The same church was the theater of Islamic protests in the mid-June and July. During this period,

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Amidst Slaughter of Christians, Sisi Boasts of Egypt’s Human Rights Record

By Raymond Ibrahim – It’s always something when the leaders of nations known for abusing human rights preach to others about the need to respect human rights. Take Egyptian President Sisi’s recent admonitions during his address before the United Nations. After saying, “We need to address the major shortcomings in the international community’s handling of human rights  issues,” he proceeded to criticize the UN because “the Palestinian people were denied their legitimate rights to live in dignity and peace.” At the same time, he boasted of how “Egypt has a solid constitutional foundation for the protection of human rights,” adding: Major strides have been achieved in the field of women and youth empowerment. Women hold 25% of the ministerial posts and more

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Egyptian Author Tarek Heggy: Our Society’s Problems Are Measured by How We Treat Women and Religious Minorities

By MEMRI- During a September 6 interview on Egypt’s Sada Al-Balad TV network, Egyptian author Tarek Heggy said that women and religious “others,” like Christian Egyptians, are the “thermometers” by which the progress of Egyptian society is gauged. He said that society is moving forward when they have equal rights, and that they should be treated equally because the Egyptian constitution says so, rather than out of pity. Heggy criticized the attacks against Christians in the Al-Minya Governorate, as well as the slow pace at which reforms regarding Christian Egyptians are taking place because of opposition from “people within the system.” Following are excerpts: Tarek Heggy: I believe that in societies like ours, two things serve as a thermometer, which

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Multi-faith letter in Support of H.Res. 673

 By Coptic Solidarity –  Today the International Religious Freedom Roundtable sent a multi-faith letter to Chairmen Royce and Ros-Lehtinen signed by 41 organizations and individuals to ask them to urgently mark-up H. RES. 673, Expressing concern over attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt, and bring it to a full floor vote. View Letter>> Key points from the letter, which is an initiative of Coptic Solidarity, Muslims Facing Tomorrow, and the International Religious Freedom (IRF) Roundtable: This resolution, which Rep. Ros-Lehtinen supported as an original cosponsor, now has the strong bi-partisan backing of 47 Members of Congress, many of whom are members of the MENA subcommittee. During the Foreign Affairs Hearing, Egypt: Security, Human Rights, and Reform, which Rep. Ros-Lehtinen chaired on July

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Suspected accomplice in Pakistan church bombings acquitted

By WorldWatchMonitor- A Pakistani court has acquitted a suspected accomplice in two suicide bombings that targeted a church in Peshawar five years ago. Two suicide bombers blew themselves up as worshippers were leaving the Sunday service at All Saints’ Memorial Church on 22 September 2013. The bombings killed more than 80 people and injured over 100 others. “The prosecution has miserably failed to prove its case against the accused, Zahir Shah, beyond shadow of doubt,” declared Anti-Terrorism Court Judge Tariq Yousaf Zai, in his judgment on 18 September. The police recovered two severed heads from the scene of the crime and registered a case [no. 728] at the Counter Terrorism Department against unidentified attackers but made no arrests for more than two

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